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Man fined in court after deliberately obstructing a GoSafe van with an umbrella


On Monday, 26th February 2024, a man approached a GoSafe van that was monitoring speeds on the A472 in Hafodyrynys. They initially stood in front of the camera playing loud music in an effort to make the van move. After this failed to work, they retrieved an umbrella from their car and blocked the view of the camera.

Gwent Police attended to engage with the man and ask them to move. They refused to leave on several occasions and continued to be obstructive, leading to an officer taking their details. The 42-year-old, identified as Steve Williams, was later interviewed by GoSafe officers. They admitted the offence and apologised for their actions.

They were charged with wilfully obstructing a designated person in the execution of their duty, Section 46(2) of the Police Reform Act 2002.

Williams appeared in Newport Magistrates Court on Monday, 20th May. Their guilty plea was taken into account and they received a conditional discharge. They were also made to pay £85 court costs and a £26 victim surcharge.