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Court Result | Damage to Camera Enforcement Vehicle


On the 07.03.2024 at A4233 near Ferndale Community School, Ferndale, a camera enforcement vehicle was damaged when Nathaniel OWENS threw a container of paint over the front of the vehicle.

The camera enforcement vehicle had been deployed to the area following complaints from residents about the excessive speed of vehicles, in and around the area of the community school.

A GoSafe camera operator was inside the vehicle at the time of the incident who observed a group of individuals walk past and whilst doing so, one has banged on the side of the vehicle. A short time later, two males were seen returning, one of which appeared to squirt a liquid onto the front of the van.

Moments later, a noise was heard and it became apparent that someone had thrown white paint over the front of the vehicle causing damage. CCTV recordings on the vehicle showed the defendant OWENS peering over a boundary wall and throwing a container of paint at the vehicle which struck the bonnet and windscreen area.

OWENS was identified and arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He was interviewed but denied the offence however, on the 07.06.2024 OWENS appeared at Merthyr Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to causing the damage.

OWENS was fined and ordered to pay compensation to the sum of £973.76, the cost it took to repair the vehicle.

Seargeant Lloyd, the GoSafe Co-ordinator says, “We respond to complaints from the public and local authorities and deploy to locations where road safety is a concern. In this particular incident, concerns had been raised about the excessive speed on vehicles travelling past a busy school. I do not expect our vehicles or staff to be subjected to the behaviour demonstrated by OWENS and welcome the Courts findings. We are committed to making roads a safer place by reducing casualties and saving lives.”