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Enforcement - Our Cameras



We are responsible for fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, average speed cameras, and mobile enforcement cameras.

These cameras help us to encourage people to drive within the speed limits and keep everyone using our roads safe. Our most successful cameras are the ones that see the least number of offences, not the most.

Our mobile enforcement cameras can detect speed offences, mobile phone offences and seatbelt offences. They can look for all of these offences at the same time, although we do run operations to focus on specific offences throughout the year.



We use Welsh Government guidance on where we place every camera across the country. How and when we use the cameras depends on the history and road safety problem at each location. They may be placed in areas where speeding is a concern, where there is a history of road casualties, or in areas surrounding schools or road works.

We also respond to your community concerns. We complete surveys where communities have told us that speeding drivers are making their roads more dangerous for everyone.

You can see where all our cameras are on our Homepage.

For full details of the collision criteria for placing cameras please see Welsh Government Guidance and GoSafe Site Criteria 2014.



GoSafe vehicles are staffed by fully trained Police Staff or Police Officers, who watch the speed of vehicles passing the vans. Once they form the opinion that the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, they use the equipment, in order to confirm this suspicion and record it for a prosecution to proceed.

All offences are recorded onto digital storage cards and sent to our Central Ticket Office for processing.

The Speedscope can be trained on vehicles up to 1,000 metres away, although most work is carried out far closer to the enforcement vehicle. The time, date, speed, distance, site coding and whether the vehicle is travelling towards or away from the checkpoint is recorded on the image to produce to the offending driver.



  • SPECS3 Average Speed Camera System
  • VECTOR SR Fixed Speed (digital auto detection)
  • Mobile Speed LTI 20.20 UltraLyte 1000 (manual detection CF Card)
  • Fixed RedSpeed Speed on Green (digital auto detection)
  • Fixed RedSpeed Redlight (digital auto detection)
  • Fixed Speed Cubic (formally Gatso) digital auto detection
  • ASE/TASCAR Neology Average Speed Camera System (formally 3M)
  • ProLaser lll laser speed and LaserWitness Lite Speed Enforcement System
  • Teletraffic Trucam
  • Cubic Speed on Green
  • Cubic Digital Speed -  GATSOMETER TYPE-24 IDC
  • Cubic Digital Speed - GATSOMETER RS-GS11-UK
  • Cubic Digital Speed (Variable) GATSOMETER GS11-P-UK Type 1
  • LTI 20:20 TruCam
  • LTI 20:20 TruCam 2
  • LTI 20:20 UltraLyte 1000
  • Truvelo LASERwitness Lite ProLaser III
  • Truvelo Pro laser III/LaserWitness Lite


Home Office Type Approval: All of these devices are Type Approved by the Home Office as being accurate, reliable, and able to provide admissible evidence for prosecution. Home Office Type Approval is granted only for enforcement devices that have been manufactured or supplied to the strict criteria laid down by the Home Office Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB) and are intended for police use.