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Spotlight on sites | Ty Draw Road, Cardiff

On the 1st July, 2021 a new enforcement site became operational on Ty Draw Road, Roath, Cardiff after concerns had been raised by residents about speeding vehicles along this road.

A speed survey was conducted along this 20mph road in May 2021. The results of the survey indicated that 75% of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit, with an average speed of 23mph. The survey also showed that 15% of vehicles were travelling at speeds of 29mph or higher, with 2.7% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 35mph.

In the preceding three years two collisions had occurred on this road, with 3 people sustaining minor injuries; including one child and one pedestrian.

Ty Draw Road is situated next to Roath Recreation Ground with residential properties situated on the North side of the road and the park on the South side. The road is regularly crossed by children and families using the facilities at the park.

Vehicles legally parked on the North side restrict the width of the road and visibility for pedestrians crossing the road. Due to the hazards on this road the speed limit was reduced to 20mph and engineering work undertaken to slow the traffic.

Despite these measures incidents of speeding are high and it was decided to commence speed enforcement at the site in order to ensure compliance with the limits.