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Spotlight on sites | Chepstow Road, Llansoy

Residents of Chepstow Road, Llansoy had contacted GoSafe with concerns about speeding vehicles in their community. The speed limit on this road had previously been reduced to 30mph from 40mph following safety concerns raised by the residents; however, despite the reduction through the village vehicles were still travelling at speeds well above the limit.

The site was established in November 2020 after an initial speed survey indicated an average speed of 33mph with 60% of vehicles travelling at speeds over the limit. 8% of vehicles were travelling at speeds in excess of 45mph.

Whilst there had been no road traffic casualties recorded over the previous three years it was deemed that there were sufficient risk factors to warrant enforcement at the site.

The site is located in the village of Llansoy which is a rural community located on a busy route that connects with the A449. There are a number of farms in the area which results in slow-moving agricultural vehicles and HGVs using the road.

The footpaths in the area are intermittent, causing pedestrians to walk in the road. There are numerous vehicle access points within the site boundaries leading to residential, farm and commercial premises and a bus stop in the village.

Further speed surveys will be conducted at the site in 2021 to evaluate if enforcement is having an effect. In the meanwhile regular enforcement will take place at the site and will continue until speeds are at an acceptable level.