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Spotlight on sites | A469, Caerphilly

The A469, New Road, Tir Y Berth, Caerphilly is one GoSafe’s Mobile Camera Sites.

In 2002 an initial speed survey showed that the average speed in this 30mph zone was 36.56mph. It showed that 15% of vehicles were travelling at speeds over 42mph with 8.5% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 45mph. The results of the survey revealed that 81% of all vehicles were breaking the speed limit on this road, and putting lives at risk.

There had been a number of serious collisions over the preceding years with many collisions resulting in minor injuries, including collisions involving injuries to pedestrians and children. There had also been 3 fatalities at this site.

This is a busy road leading from Caerphilly to the Heads of the Valley with a high traffic volume. The area is densely populated and consists of residential streets, shops and a nearby school.

When enforcement commenced in 2005 there had been another fatal accident at the site but since that date there has only been one serious collision and two minor collisions.

The latest speed survey in November 2019 shows that average speeds have fallen to 28 mph with 32% of vehicles exceeding the limit and less than 1% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 45 mph.

There has been a marked reduction in casualties and speeds since the site was established but continued enforcement will be required in order to drive the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit down further.

Our objective is to reduce casualties and fatalities on the roads of Wales. We enforce in order to keep all road users safe and whenever you see one of our mobile enforcement vans at a location, know that we are at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason.