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Spotlight on sites | Llangefni Road, Anglesey

In August 2020, a new mobile camera site was established along Llangefni Road, Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey.

The site was established along this 30mph road was established due to concerns from residents and Business owners about excessive speeds in the area.

A speed survey was conducted and the average speed was found to be 37mph.  86% of vehicles were found to be exceeding the limit, with 44.4% of vehicles travelling at speeds over 36mph and 13.3% at speeds of 45mph or more.

What was particularly concerning that these excessive speeds were being recorded around a local Nursery for pre-school children.

Whilst there had been no collisions recorded in the area within the last three years, it was determined that there were sufficient risks and hazards at the site to warrant enforcement.

The site is in an urban area with business premises on both sides of the road. There are footpaths and cycle-paths along this road.  A big concern is that the road is used by parents to drop off/ pick up their pre-school children from the Nursery. Whilst the Nursery building is on an upper bank with its own car park, there are no barriers from the Nursery car park to the main road.

The road is also used by slow moving goods vehicles delivering to and from the businesses in the area. These vehicles are often manoeuvring into side roads which can sometimes affect their visibility of other vehicles travelling too close or too quickly. The road is long and straight which encourages excess speed through the area.

Enforcement will continue at the site until the number of vehicles that are exceeding the limit by an excessive amount is significantly reduced.