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Mobile enforcement will be starting on the M4

On 23rd January 2023, mobile enforcement will be starting on the M4, between junction 33 and junction 34, following an increase in the number speed attributed collisions.

GoSafe enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason to encourage compliance with the speed limit and to reduce the risk of collisions, injuries, and fatalities on the roads of Wales. How and when we deploy cameras depends on the collision history and the road safety concerns at each location.

Following the increase in speed attributed collisions, three speed surveys were conducted at different locations of the M4.  These surveys measured a total of 213,372 vehicles, finding that 70,713 drivers were exceeding the speed limit, including 6,109 travelling at 85mph or higher.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager, said: Speed is a major contribution to collisions on our roads and if a collision happens at higher speed, it often means a higher severity which has a devastating impact on families.

Introducing enforcement at these locations will improve compliance with the speed limit and help to ensure that people are safer on our roads.