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Operation Ugain

GoSafe and Welsh police are using an engagement focused approach to 20mph. The priority is to inform the public. On Monday, 8th January 2024, ‘Operation Ugain’ was launched to deliver roadside engagement across Wales.

GoSafe, Welsh Police Forces, and Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, will be focused on engaging with communities in areas where the speed limit has changed from 30mph to 20mph. The aim is to help drivers adjust to the change.

Operation Ugain uses speed monitoring equipment to identify people travelling over the speed limit, before police officers stop the vehicle and give the driver a choice between roadside engagement or points and a fine. While drivers will be offered the free engagement as an alternative, they can refuse, which will then result in prosecution.  For those exceeding the speed limit to a greater degree, they will not be eligible for an engagement session and will be prosecuted.

If drivers choose the engagement, The Welsh Fire and Rescue Services will deliver a free presentation that lasts approximately 10 minutes. It aims to inform people on the change in default speed limit, the reasons behind the change, and how they can identify the roads it applies to.

Engagement sessions were conducted by GoSafe, Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and Welsh Police Forces prior to the launch of Operation Ugain. The dedicated teams allow for an increase in engagement activity.


Operation Ugain Statistics


  Jan* Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Total vehicles monitored 9775 14874 24714 36510                 85873
Total exceeding speed limit 272 460 655 1057                 2444
Compliant vehicles** (no.) 9503 14414 24059 35453                 83429
Complaint vehicles** (%) 97% 97% 97% 97%                 97%

*January figures from 8th onwards following the launch of the engagement teams.

** Vehicles travelling under the current enforcement threshold.




  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Engagement Session (no.) 270 453 649 1050                 2422
Engagement Session (%) 99% 98% 99% 99%                 99%
Prosecution (no.) 2 7 6 7                 22
Prosecution (%) 1% 2% 1% 1%                 1%