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About Us

GoSafe - The Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership


Who We Are

GoSafe is the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. We are the largest partnership of its type in the United Kingdom. We are made up of 27 equal partners, including the 22 Unitary authorities in Wales, four Welsh Police Forces, and the Welsh Government. We also work closely with the NPHS and Fire Services in Wales.


What We Do

Our overall aim is to make people safer on Welsh roads by reducing casualties and saving lives. We do this by providing education, enforcement, and engineering solutions across the roads in Wales. Our education and engineering solutions encourage people to drive legally and safely, whilst our enforcement targets people who are putting themselves and others at risk.


What Enforcement We Provide

GoSafe are responsible for fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, average speed cameras, and mobile enforcement cameras.

These cameras help us to encourage people to drive within the speed limits and keep everyone using our roads safe. Our most successful cameras are the ones that see the least number of offences, not the most.

Our mobile enforcement cameras can detect speed offences, mobile phone offences and seatbelt offences. They can look for all of these offences at the same time, although we do run operations to focus on specific offences throughout the year.


Where The Cameras Are

We use Welsh Government guidance on where we place every camera across the country. How and when we use the cameras depends on the history and road safety problem at each location. They may be placed in areas where speeding is a concern, where there is a history of road casualties, or in areas surrounding schools or road works.

You can see where all our cameras are on our Homepage.


How We Can Work With You

If you have concerns about speeding in your community, you can give us the details using the following link: Community Concern

One of our teams will begin an assessment of the location and establish if there is any enforcement ongoing in the area. If so, they will use this information to consider whether any alterations need to be made to our current enforcement site.

If there is no enforcement ongoing in the area, they will conduct further enquiries. This includes analysing both collision data and any historic enforcement data, completing speed surveys, and evaluating the locations suitability for different types of enforcement.

If you’ve got an event that you’d like to tell us about or would like to request an educational visit to your school, please let us know the details through our General Enquiries form. We’ll pass your request on to one of our local teams in your area and ask that they get in touch.

Education is one of the main ways we work towards making people safer on our roads, so we’ll always do what we can to help provide road safety messaging.


What We Don’t Do

GoSafe don’t set the speed limits. Although we enforce across every speed limits in Wales, including 20mph and 50mph zones, we don’t set the speed limits on the road. These limits are set by the Highway Authority responsible for the area. This could be either the Unitary Authority (Council) or Welsh Government.

The Highways Authority will consider the nature of the road and many other factors, as detailed in the Department for Transport Guidance on setting local speed limits. More info can be found at: Setting local speed limits | GOV.WALES