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GoSafe - 20mph

GoSafe and Welsh police forces support the new national 20mph speed limit. Along with other partners such as Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and Community Speed Watch groups, we are engaging with motorists and communities, to ensure the new speed limit is respected.  Enforcement will take place where it is needed to keep roads and communities safe, and will be carried out through a combination of mobile enforcement vehicles and fixed cameras, as is the case now.


Introducing a 20mph default speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets across Wales will:

  • make our streets safer, reducing the number of people killed or injured (as well as reducing the impact on emergency services and the NHS)
  • encourage more of us – at all ages – to feel safer to walk, cycle and wheel
  • help to improve our health and well-being now and for future generations


The Welsh Government has provided its annual funding contribution of £2,555,500 to GoSafe this year, plus an additional £600,000 for 20mph roadside engagement.


GoSafe have enforced in 20mph areas for over a decade. We will work closely with local highways authorities to ensure that we can continue to serve communities in our current 20mph enforcement locations, where the speed limit remains unchanged, and signage is appropriate.

A change in speed limit will influence driver behaviour, and drivers will be given the opportunity to adjust to the change.  If there is still a concern for people speeding in the area, we will work with local policing teams, community speed watch groups, and local authorities to determine the best approach.

This may include roadside engagement operations, speed calming measures, continued mobile enforcement, or a combination of these.

Fixed camera schemes can be adjusted if there is a change in the speed limit. We will work closely with local authorities to monitor and assess these areas across Wales and ensure that any adjustments are made where required to enforce the new speed limit.  Fixed cameras are installed where the collision risk is highest, and enforcement will occur where there is evidence of low compliance with the new limit.

Enforcement locations are established based on safety concerns and collision data.

As a change in speed limit will influence driver behaviour, we will not be establishing new enforcement locations in 20mph areas in the immediate months following the legislation change, to allow driver behaviour to adjust. We will be working closely with our partners to provide roadside engagement and promote the change in driver behaviour. We will ensure that the new speed limits are respected during this time and will prosecute the most dangerous drivers.

We will continue to consider new enforcement locations following collisions, or high-risk concerns, in a 20mph area.

No. There will be no change in the amount of enforcement we provide. There will be an increase in roadside engagement, as we work closely with our partners across Wales to engage with communities following the legislative change.

GoSafe apply the NPCC guidelines which outline the enforcement thresholds of not less than 10% plus 2mph.  While the public get used to the change in default limit, Chief Police Officers have allowed us to increase this to 10% plus 4mph in 20mph only, meaning we start to prosecute at 26mph in a 20mph limit.

You can use the contact forms on our website to get in touch with the GoSafe team in your area.

The installation of speed calming measures, such as speed bumps, signage, or fixed cameras, falls under the remit of the local authority. We would kindly ask that you get in touch with your local authority for any request regarding these measures.

If you have witnessed dangerous or careless driving, you can submit photos and footage to Operation Snap on our website.

GoSafe enforce in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. Enforcement locations are chosen based on collision data and safety concerns at each location. The legislative change applies to most 30mph roads across Wales.

Along with other partners such as Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and Community Speed Watch groups, we are engaging with motorists and communities, to ensure the new speed limit is respected. Of course, we will continue to enforce, and run engagement sessions outside of schools.

No. Safety cameras are used to improve road safety, not for profit. All fine revenue is passed to His Majesty’s Treasury and is not used by GoSafe or local authorities. There is no incentive to enforce where we will detect a high number of offences.  Our most successful sites are where we detect no offences, because it means that there is the greatest amount of compliance, and therefore where roads are safer.

Speed limits in the Road Traffic Regulations and the Highway Code apply to motor vehicles only and not to bicycles. However, the Highway Code states that cyclists should be considerate of other road users.