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Education for Driving Safely

Avoid a Ticket
It may seem obvious but there really is only one way you can avoid a speeding ticket and that's to drive within the speed limit at all times.
Know the Law
If you get caught breaking the law behind the wheel, you face a range of possible fines.
Professional Drivers
People who drive for a living and their employers can find out more about how they can drive safely while at work. 
Young Drivers
Getting your licence is an exciting time, but driving can also be dangerous. Click to find out more about how to drive safely.
Approximately only 1% of vehicle registrations are for motorcycles, but motorcyclists are involoved in around 20% of collisions.   
Speed Awareness Course
If you are detected speeding in Wales, you may be offerred a course (if eligible) as an alternative to a fine and penalty points on your driving licence.
Find out more about the campaigns that we carry out in Wales.
Driver Safety & Tips
Find out more about driver and safety tips from driving in the winter to tyre pressure.
New Drivers
Find out why young drivers are so much more vulnerable on the road than more experienced road-users.
Mature Drivers
Driving is more complex and demanding than it used to be. Mature motorists bring a wealth of experience, confidence and tolerance to their driving.
Our Education Services
The Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership is dedicated to educating and engaging with all ages about road safety.


Camera Search

Search for safety camera sites in Wales.


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